Our Roadmap

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Civic Engagement Platform for Unity & Justice©: Life Cycle of Operations & Maturity©

The successful life cycle of the Civic Engagement Platform will undergo 4 critical phases:

Phase I: Introduction, Awareness, Training, Advocacy, and Volunteering: Begins in September 2022

  • Introduction, Awareness, Training, Advocacy, and Volunteering on Users (including: Civic Organizations, Families, Young Muslims, Sisters, Professionals, and Businesses)
  • Collaboration via Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between The International Chamber of Economy© and partnering Civic Organizations

Phase II: Adaptation (aka Pilot Environment for “Proof of Concept”): Begins in October 2022

  • Charter, Policies, Intellectual Property, Terms of Use
  • Communication and Engagement with Civic Organizations
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Small-scale Operations
  • Adaptation and Test Cases (aka Pilot Environment for “Proof of Concept”) with selected Organizations & Locations
  • Performance Metrics & Risk Management Reporting

Phase III: Operational Readiness & Risk Management (aka Production Environment for “Real-Life Use”): Begins in February 2023

  • Large-scale Operations
  • Adjustment (aka Production Environment for “Real-Life Use”) with selected Organizations & Locations
  • Evaluation of the Maturity of Processes, Teams, Technology, and Communications
  • Evaluation of the Operational Readiness of Leadership and Expertise
  • Performance Metrics (e.g., Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Key Goal Indicators (KGIs))
  • Research & Analytics
  • Risk Management & Registry Dashboard (e.g., Risk Line of Defense, Processes, Compliance, Audits, Partners, Vendors & Users)
  • Regulatory Compliance & Audits
  • Media & Communication
  • Secure Cloud Investments
  • Development of the Operational Readiness for Accounting, Revenue Cycles, Marketing & Sales, Legal, and Regulatory Compliance & Audits

Phase IV: Civic Engagement Platform’s Sustainability and Maturity in Muslim, Interfaith, North America & Global Communities: Begins in March 2023

  • Achieving Civic Unity & Justice to All Humanity, InshaAllah!